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Bruce Lavallee


Welcome parents to Rancho Cucamonga Middle School. Throughout the year you will hear us talk about RESULTS and student achievement. Our RESULTS program is where we analyze student data from a variety of tests, quizzes, class assignments, and plan our instructional programs to meet the needs of our students. We will highlight student accomplishments along with focusing on suggestions for working to attain grade level standards.

We know that responsible students grow up to be responsible adults. Responsible students don't have any one secret for their success...but they do practice some habits that help them. So I would like to share with you seven habits of highly responsible students as gathered by the Parent Institute.

  1.  They set Goals. - Goals help students focus on what's important and what's not. If they have a vision of where they want to go, they're more likely to get there.
  2.  They plan their time. - Responsible people meet their obligations, but it takes planning. Use a calendar to organize time for commitments and homework each day.
  3. They study everyday. - Responsible students set aside time for homework or studying every day. When homework is given review time is utilized.
  4.  They take notes in class. - Teachers will almost always spell out what they think is important. Take notes and review them before a test.
  5.  They have the tools they need. - A carpenter wouldn't think of showing up to a job site without tools. Yet some students seem to think they can go to class without books, pencils, paper, and other tools they need.
  6.  They keep their commitments. - Responsible people honor their commitments to others and to themselves. Successful students do their assignments well and on time, do their share of group project, and make an outdoor practice even when it’s cold and wet.
  7.  They get ready ahead of time. - Some students start out every morning in a crisis. They can't find their homework or the right clothes, and don't have time for breakfast. Responsible students have learned that being late or being early is not something that simply happens to them. It is a choice they can make.

Experts say that if we repeat an action every day for 21 days, it is likely to become automatic. So for the next 21 days encourage your child to act on the habits of responsible students. They'll soon find they do them without even thinking. And they'll be more responsible - and more successful in school as well.

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Bruce LaVallee Principal